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Energy Healing Session

1. ​Finding the cause

First, the cause of the illness, symptom or issue is found through a conversation and an assessment of the energy system.


This can be: 

  • A weakened power system

  • Mental causes (psychosomatic), 

  • Trauma-shock experiences from the past

  • Negative beliefs and belief patterns

  • limiting perspectives

  • subconscious programming, conditioning

  • and much more


​ 2. energetic treatment


Powerful healing and transformation methods restore balance and well-being on all levels of body, mind and soul.

Methods used are:

Quantum healing, clearings, human energetics,Spiritual healing, mediumistic healing and much more.

 3. aftercare


The client receives tools to support the further healing process and if desired, we stay in touch regularly for the first few days. 


Each session is individual and tailored to the needs of the client.




  • pain and tension

  • Anxiety - panic attacks

  • pain of all kinds

  • Back and spine problems

  • Organic Complaints

  • allergies and intolerances

  • skin diseases

  • Lack of drive – tiredness

  • stress and pressure

  • cancer



  • development of consciousness

  • development of potential

  • psychosomatics

  • heart opening

  • Victim – perpetrator – helper roles

  • Self love - self worth

  • money issues

  • Man – woman issues

  • resistors

  • foreign energies

Session duration between 60 - 90 minutes ​

I recommend booking several sessions at regular intervals in order to achieve lasting changes. ​

Book a free call to find out which offer is right for you. ​

Where does the treatment take place?

- In the practice (Innsbruck)

- Online via Zoom

I consider cooperation with conventional medicine to be very important, so ongoing treatment by a doctor or therapist should not be interrupted or omitted. In addition, I canhuman energetics make no promises of healing.

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