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​Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing/ Matrix Energetics is a method that enables clients to connect to the quantum field, the Divine Primordial Matrix, in a higher vibrational level of light and information.

As a result, transforming processes are released and at the same time the self-healing powers are activated.

A connection is made to pure consciousness that enables, from survival mode

(Fight or Flight) to get into balance and activate your own creative potential. 


All sorts of topics can be changed and transformed in this way, such as:

Health, vocation, money issues, family, partnership and much more.


Quantum healing session lasts 30 min

Remote treatments via zoom are possible

What happens during the treatment

  • Strengthening of the energy centers (chakras)

  • Activation of the meridians

  • Purification of the energy system (aura)

  • Harmonization of the body systems 

  • Release of foreign energies

  • Integration 21 auxiliary frequencies

  • heart-head connection

  • Connect both hemispheres of the brain

  • Parallel universes (timeline shifts)

  • archetypes

  • Pineal Gland Activation

  • Christ Grid Connection (5D)

  • and much more

I recommend booking several sessions at regular intervals in order to achieve lasting changes.

You get a 30min treatment: activation, cleansing, strengthening 

Where does the treatment take place:

- in the Practice (Innsbruck)

- Online via Zoom

- Remote

I consider cooperation with conventional medicine, physiotherapy or psychotherapy to be very important, so ongoing treatment by a doctor or therapist should not be interrupted or omitted.

In addition, as a human energetics specialist, I am not allowed to make any promises of healing.

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