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Human Energetics
Spiritual healing
Psychic Healing

A human-energetic and spiritual healing treatment is not a treatment in the medical sense, but a bio-energetic assistance to achieve a physical or energetic balance of the human being, taking into account the trinity of body-soul-spirit. 


Spiritual healing can help with the following ailments: 

  • Allergies and intolerances 

  • Pain in the spine and joints 

  • Pain of all kinds 

  • Organic complaints of all kinds 

  • Neurological disorders such as MS, Parkinson's 

  • Cancer in all variants 

  • all sorts of skin diseases

  • Injuries and consequences of accidents 

  • Geomantic disorders and electrosmog pollution

  • psychological complaints such as depression, burnout, panic attacks 


The most important thing is an accurate diagnosis! 
This begins with an extensive conversation about important topics such as nutrition, sleeping places, life status, existing conflicts and belief patterns. The methods for further diagnosis are measuring the meridians and the chakras and an aura analysis. It is also particularly important to check the energetic connections in the Trinity. Another special feature is the diagnosis with the help of the "life calendar". If necessary, the biotensor, a one-hand rod, is used to help.
Experience has shown that three to five sessions are required (more for more extensive issues such as cancer or MS) to achieve the desired success in health promotion and healing in maintaining health. 

Spiritual healing is healing with the help of the human soul consciousness. The actual being is the immortal soul that ensouls and controls a body of flesh and blood in this life.
Taking into account the three areas, namely body, mind and soul, the spiritual healer uncovers the cause of an illness and gives the soul the necessary impulse to activate and specifically control its self-healing powers.
That is, Spiritual Healing is essentially self-healing under the guidance and support of an experienced Spiritual Healer.

Another method is medial healing, the pinnacle of spiritual healing work. 
The healing medium makes itself available to its spiritual guide as a tool, as a channel. The actual healing work is done by the spiritual guide. Psychic healing is therefore suitable for spiritual surgery, for the treatment of people with psychological problems and for the replacement of occupations.

I consider cooperation with conventional medicine to be very important, so ongoing treatment by a doctor or therapist should not be interrupted or omitted. In addition, as a human energetics and spiritual healer, I am not allowed to make any promises of healing.

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